• Simple installation process.
  • Easy to learn and use.
  • Runs entirely in SKILL with graphical user interfaces.
  • Quick and easy updates that do not require modifications to HDL files or menus.

Current applications:
  • Pin wire - Adds wires, signal names and ports to symbols and/or blocks.
  • Align - Aligns wires, signal names and symbols in neat rows and columns.
  • Area tool - Placement area analysis, estimates and charts.
  • Seedproof - Imports excel file data into HDL symbol property values.
  • Net select - Place wires, signal names and off-page terminators automatically.
  • Grid - Reports off grid bodies with an option to move on grid.

Future applications:
  • Bi-directional Cross probe highlighting between schematic and PCB that is easy to use and
    works effectively.  Find/Highlight parts in the schematic from the board and vice versa.
  • PDF - Intelligent PDF creation with properties and embedded PDF data sheet links.
  • Cross reference - Cross reference before packaging in order to find disconnects/issues.
  • Batch packager - Batch packages sub designs in hierarchical order.
  • Symbol creator - Quick and easy symbol/block generation based on simple control file.
  • PTF - Part table manager and issue finder.
  • Mentor schematic and symbol converter.