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See dramatic improvements in the following areas:

Library development  (Complete, fast and easy library management.  Place and maintain all symbols and pads in a master
.brd, advanced find and highlight filters, modification and refresh on the fly, .dra/.pad to .brd compare, etc.)
Placement (Comprehensive easy to use placement solution.  Tightly integrated logical to physical place by page XY pattern,
advanced highlight and find, copy pattern, replace and reorganize, uncross ratsnests, etc)
Routing and editing (Faster routing and better drafting.  Cut, stretch, multi vertex, merge, multi shove/clean, auto via
intersect, real mirror, via change, convert, detail, change layer, swap at cline, etc.)
Verification (Enhanced checking and DRC management.  Compare Rev A to B .brd graphics by film records, advanced DRC
management, Valor type checks, graphical delay matching, diff pair and xtalk DRC resolution, etc.)
Drawings (Quick silkscreen and assembly drawings.  Auto refdes rotate, text checks and multisheet plot to PDF, etc.)
Manufacturing (One button completely automated outputs.  Customized checks, Valor extract, Gerber, Drill, Reports, Mech
IDF, Copy, Zip, Customized batch file extracts, etc.)
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