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Product level options:

1. ADV [XL+] - All commands except for the DFM [GXL+] checker.
*The XL+ is the dalTools flagship product and is highly recommended for all PCB Designers.

2. LIB [L+] - Productivity core features, Ex. "ACAD" type drafting, and all features in P+ below.
The L+ toolbox is recommended for librarians.

3. ENG [P+] - Placement, compare, library, browse, layer and HDL SKILL utilities.
The P+ toolbox is for circuit engineers to review and check designs with schematic tools

4. DFM [GXL+] - Comprehensive "Valor" type checks in the Allegro editor.  (Available Q4 2016)

*See the "Products" link on the left for more product feature details.

Please call for pricing:  Dal Locke  @:
972-464-6630  or email dal@daltools.com
Product Licensing Information
Flexible licensing options to fit any customer requirements:
  • Large company enterprise or network/user name based licensing
  • Non check-in/check-out server license model prevents annoying user access
  • Optional annual maintenance/service fee applies after the first year.
Ordering Process
A. Request quote -> Purchase order -> Receive license.
B. Request quote -> Credit Card order -> Receive license.
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