About Our Business

Our mission is to make PCB design easier, more productive and fun!

Our goal is to automate as many manual and mundane tasks and processes as possible.

Many Fortune 500 companies have purchased and are already utilizing these tools to gain competitive advantages by making dramatic improvements in quality and productivity.

We started this business after years of designing printed circuit boards for large corporations. We have seen the tools and technology change greatly over the years.

We are constantly upgrading our software and adding new applications.

We look forward to benefiting and serving our customers with even more solutions.

Customer testimonials:

“Tools don’t cost me money, they make me money” 😉

Ever since I started using the dalTools software, I can hardly layout a board without them.
They are a must have.

“The support is fantastic, you solved my problem and were very nice. Thank you,”

“I suggested a new application and you emailed me back with the plans to go forward with
my idea. That’s great!”

“This software makes Allegro do things I always wanted it to do for years and years.
Great job!.”

“Fantastic tools!”

“Now I can take more breaks because I get my work done so much faster. I’m loving’ it.”

Our designers productivity and accuracy has increased saving hundreds of hours
already. Worth every penny!

“I use the dalTools targeted for AllegroHDL notably, Pin_wire and Align.
These two simple tools have improved my schematic design efficiency, consistency and
accuracy by an order of magnitude. “

Bill O’Leary
Convey Computer Corp.

“It works great. This is a good one!!!!” (dal detail)

Dal Locke
President & CEO

PCB Designer
Software Developer

I started out in PCB Design in 1984 on ComputerVision CADDS4. Never had a day I did not want to go to work. I love my job and I am very good at it. I enjoy helping designers and customers succeed in this ever increasing complicated business. I like meeting new people and exceeding their expectations so ultimately we and our companies grow.

I am always available, and promise to give my best effort to help if asked.

Proud American business