Release revision history
12-10-2019 491
1. Library - REV0 for symbol compare now flags warning in report.
12-09-2019 490
1. drc - Drill -> Hole to hole checks now support blind and buried vias.
2. flex - Pushed out date for FlexNet re-checkout to avoid checkout time delays for each command.
11-22-2019 489
1. viaChange - Added via drill label highlight.
2. check - Library checking updates.
3. drc - Annular ring value fix.
4. out - Added all button for artwork layers.
11-06-2019 488
1. hdlNetPlace - Corrected an issue where the constraint extract script was timing out.
11-02-2019 487
1. Update to ?:/Cadence/dalTools/DTS_1.0/share/symphony_skill.txt file.  All supported dalTools
commands now included.
2. Clip - Beta #4 release.
10-29-2019 486
1. Clip - Beta #3 release.
10-11-2019 485
1. Check - Update for silk to pad.
2. Miter - Dynamic shape priority is now maintained.
3. Symphony support - Layer, Cut and Stretch now work.

Symphony setup instructions:

;Start dalTools section.  Add the following lines to your $localenv/symphony_skill.txt [or]
;This will allow dalTools to run in Multi-user mode.  Last update 10/11/2019
"dal" rw ; Main launcher.
"dalLayer" rw ;Working with DTS ver >= 485 10-11-2019
"dalStretch" rw ;Working with DTS ver >= 485 10-11-2019
"dalCut" rw ;Working with DTS ver >= 485 10-11-2019
"dalTeardrop" rw ;Current show stopper issue: (SPMHNX-21): Control 'dynamicFillMode' is not
supported in multi-user mode. and Update #33 (Perm dalteardrop) was rejected by server.
;Other will be added later as tested.
;End dalTools section.

10-08-2019 484
1. Library - Added auto IDF out with place bound heights instead of component definition values.
2. Check - Added library check for silk to pad clearance check/fixer.
3. Drc - Thieving issue fixed.
09-12-2019 483
1. Drc - Corrected a pad rounding issue that was causing false drcs.
09-11-2019 482
1. 17.4 support.
09-6-2019 481
1. Paste2hole - Corrected a password error message.
09-04-2019 480
1. ViaChange - Added single and double click via net change feature.
2. ShapeModify - Added combine void feature for diff pair return path impedance.
3. Paste2hole - lowerCase error on startup fixed.
08-28-2019 479
1. Clip - Beta version of new command.  Listed under the File menu.
2. Adiout - Update to read drawing number and rev from custom variable data in the .cpm file.
07-30-2019 478
1. Teardrop - Bug fixes.
2. PinMask - Fixed a 17.2 pad corner issue.
07-25-2019 476
1. Dxf - Now supports SPLINES in the input file.
2. Paste2Hole added to checking menu.
3. Browse - Fixed a startup issue.
07-25-2019 475
1. Drc - Various enhancements and bug fixes.
07-12-2019 474
1. Coax - Now supports voided areas and via sharing areas.
2. Browse - Various updates.
3. Thieving - Fixed an issue with unfilled shapes.
4. Area - Moved from under the Tools menu to the Reports menu.
06-09-2019 473
1. Teardrop - "Clines" in the find filter is now on by default.
2. Coax - The "VIAS_ALLOWED" property is now only added to Route Keepout shapes if the via
fence button is checked.
3. Coax - Via structures are now aligned at the angle of the via fence outline.
4. Gndring - Via structures are now aligned at the angle of the via fence outline.
5. Drc - "Include Thieving graphics" button added.  2D unique layer value denoted with ***.
06-07-2019 472
1. Thieving - Various major enhancements and bug fixes.
2. Core - Change FlexNet checkout to check every 20 minutes until Aug 1st for next update.
05-28-2019 471
1. Zcopy - Corrected an issue where: *Error rexMatchp: argument #2 nil was reported.
2. Library - Update to the height from file utility.
05-23-2019 470
1. Thieving - Fixed an issue with dynamic voids.
2. Library - Added auto height tool.
05-20-2019 469
1. Testpoint - Fixed a lowerCase error.
05-03-2019 467
1. Coax - Now works with design partition databases.
2. Thieving - Corrected an issue for very large databases.
04-18-2019 466
1. Check - Various updates.
2. ShapeModify - Fixed an issue with the AND operation.
04-08-2019 465
1. Testpoint - Fixed optional Functional tab display.
03-29-2019 464
1. Place - DxDesigner PDF support for sch2pdf version 1.4 format.
2. Detail - Corrected an issue with filled shapes.
03-20-2019 463
1. Zcopy - Added area filters.
2. Browse - Mechanical change layer now working.
3. DrcFind - Renamed and enhanced from dal drc.
4. Drc3D - Renamed and enhanced from dal drc.
5. Zcopy - Drill slots are now supported.
6. Place - Supports DxDesigner sch2pdf ver 1.4 format.
7. Layer - Added a multi-select empty layer delete button.
03-04-2019 462
1. Nov - New utility.  Nets Over Voids under the checking menu.  See PDF and video help files.
03-02-2019 461
1. Text - Added 17.2 text property support for custom variables.
2. Drc - Updated 2D utility to support different clearances per layer.  Also corrected some issues with
clearances between holes and planes on negative layers.
02-25-2019 460
1. Core - FlexNet type licenses now only require the OS variable DALTOOLS_LICENSE_FILE to be
set.  Previously the Allegro env variable DTS_LIC_FILE needed to also be set.
02-11-2019 459
1. Place - Corrected an issue when "." was the import logic path.
2. Images - Various updates.
3. Drc - Fixed a 2D drc check for negative anti etch openings.
02-02-2019 458
1. Licenseinfo - dal lic now works as an alias.
2. Thieving - Add a few more options.
01-30-2019 457
1. Thieving - New utility to add thieving patterns.  Beta release.
2. Layer - Corrected a problem when the layer name had a / in the subclass name.
01-28-2019 456
1. Grid - Corrected an error message when the dts_site directory was missing.
01-21-2019 455
1. Review - Changed to .xml format for input checklist.
12-20-2018 454
1. Text - Dynamic text change now working in 17.2
2. Menu - Corrected an issue in Linux where the File menu was selected when opening.
12-13-2018 453
1. Core - Changed/Fixed FlexNet checkout process.
12-10-2018 451
1. Constraint - Compare enabled now functional.
11-19-2018 450
1. PcbStat - Now records number of symbols placed within the outline.
11-15-2018 449
1. Review - Added pdf and video demos.
2. About - Fixed gui format.
11-05-2018 448
1. PinMask - Major updates.
11-03-2018 447
1. Released dal idf.
11-01-2018 446
1. Corrected an issue with FlexNet for Linux.
10-31-2018 445
1. Setup changes/improvements.
10-30-2018 444
1. Core - Sample allegro.ilinit file updates.
2. Review - Added to menu.
3. More adjustments to the allegro.ilinit file and setup.bat.
10-25-2018 443
1. Changes/Fixes to the default example_allegro.ilinit file.
10-22-2018 442
1. Out - Fixed the console message with FlexLM type licensing.
2. Plot - Distiller now closes between plot groups automatically.
3. Review - New fabrication checklist utility.
10-08-2018 441
1. HDL - Fixed the issue with localenv when other than X:\ causing problems with the install HDL
menu.   For example X:\test   Also fixed the RF submenu missing issue.
10-05-2018 440
1. Out - Added browser to Advanced -> Import (All settings)
2. Plot - Fixed .txt default import button.
3. Core - Finished GUI format fix for larger fonts in 17.2 forms.
10-02-2018 439
1. Place - Added mirror button in move command.
2. Fix for most 17.2 form QT formatting issues.
3. Teardrop - Added a circle at the connect point for S048 teardrop to fillet requirements.
4. DeriveConnect - New command.
09-14-2018 438
1. Pcbstat - Beta 1 release.
09-06-2018 437
1. Constraint - New command added.
08-30-2018 436
1. Browse updates.
2. Removed the set form_oldreturn variable.
08-28-2018 435
1. Miter - Corrected a problem where the radius would move the line off center.
2. Core - License support now for both locked and FlexNet DFM+, CNS+ and MGR+ tiers.
3. Browse - Now supports Std [?], Perl5 and Skill regular expression format for searches in the filter
08-21-2018 434
1. Stackup - Corrected a problem where "Retain net of vias" was causing a hang with large gnd plane
moves.  Add import/export of stackup layers.
2. Zcopy - Added Embedded Geometry class.
3. Layer - Added Embedded Geometry class.
08-06-2018 433
1. Swap - Fixed the right mouse highlight all swapable pin feature.  Now sorts the choices when there
are more then one swappable pin in the net.
2. Compare - Updates to the module sections.
07-10-2018 432
1. Core - Changed the FlexNet license exe path for UNC server names when in the dts_root path.  Ex.
2. Library - Package_geometry/revision no longer compare text xy location.
3. Compare - Now checks for max manufacturing layers >254 before processing.
4. Compare - Module updated to Beta #2 version.
06-25-2018 431
1. Extents - Corrected a problem with the margin value format.
2. Core - Added axlOSSlash to the dalflex.exe path for file name paths with \\ at the beginning.
3. PinMask - Various fixes.
06-12-2018 430
1. PinMask - New command.
2. Recommend updating to the latest Cadence patch to solve random editor hangs.  16.6 S109  17.2
06-07-2018 429
1. Browse - Added "Show manhattan data (slower)" button to the net tab.  Seems the manhattan
calculations on large boards can be very slow.  Also fixed a condition when not in app mode none the
window would close.
2. Core - Now force appmode to none to prevent certain cases where the editor can lock up.
06-02-2018 427
1. Core - Eliminated the force app mode NONE when running a dalTools command.  This was initially
incorporated to fix the Allegro mini status disappear issue in early 17.2 releases.
05-24-2018 426
1. Layer - Corrected a problem with Sip profile layers giving a warning in the console.
05-17-2018 424
1. Minor FlexLM updates.
05-16-2018 422
1. Drc - 3D clearance checker now checks drill to copper on all layers including negative layers.  
Same layer 2D drc is now included also.
2. Netshort - Eliminated duplicate entries when pin numbers are not enabled.
3. Update - Added Check for update feature to the Help menu.
4. Stackup - Now supports .xls and .xlms files.
04-24-2018 421
1. Flex - Corrected a problem when the dalTools license file was combined with another license file
that had many features causing a line overflow.
04-16-2018 420
1. Text - New button to include Place Bound layers when checking silkscreen DRCs.
2. Text - Fixed an issue when a .dra had a zero length segment.
3. Compare - Added constraint compare feature.
04-11-2018 419
1. Teardrop - Enaabled the find by Name box in the find filter.
2. Stackup - Added impedance physical constraint import from .xml stackup file.  Updated PDF and
video demo.
04-09-2018 418
1. ShapeCheck - Pad layers were incorrect for internal layer acid trap checks.
2. Hdl - Menuload errors fixed in 17.2.  Skill paths replaced in 17.2.
03-26-2018 417
3. Diffpair - Added dynamic phase tolerance video link.
1. Text - Display_top and Display_bottom added to the rotation list.
2. Stackup - New stackup .xml file input and compare tool.
03-14-2018 416
1. Drc - Changed manufacturing layer names for more clarity.
2. ViaChange - Added name form access in the find filter.
3. ShapeSplit - Thermals were not showing for static rectangular shapes.
4. Flex - Various enhancements.
03-07-2018 415
1. Mirror - Added "Push sym through" feature.
2. Flex - Flexera support for Linux.
03-04-2018 414
1. GndReturn - Now supports stacked vias and more options.
2. Flex - Flexera floating checkout/checkin licensing is now supported.  Contact dalTools on how to
optionally convert your existing license to floating.  This is an additional cost item.
3. ViaChange - Fixed an issue when assigning net names on stacked vias.
4. ViaChange - Vias now are permanent type highlight.
5. Plot - Added delete all selected sheets.
6. Drc - Fixed a drc display issue for the bottom 3D drc display.
7. Text - Options for zoom, change layers and highlight in the find text string window.
8. Setup - Fixed a setting for the default license file location.
01-29-2018 412
1. Browse - Numerous enhancements per user request.
2. DiffPair - SIP now works with resize/respace tab.
3. Cadence 17.2 S033 hotfix dated 1/22/2018 fixed the disappearing option tab issue when not in
application mode NONE.  The tool now warns to update to S033 if needed.
11-15-2017 411
1. Zcopy - Voids now copied and support for oval/rectangular slots added.
2. ce_HDL v2.0.0 - Update.
3. pcbStat - Various updates for hours, etc.
4. Mirror - Added mirror via by name option.
5. Place - Fixed an issue with sch xy when the import logic dir location changed.
6. Core - Updated the setup with clearer instructions.
10-26-2017 410
1. Pcbstat - Shortened gui height and allow quit.
2. Layer - Added 17.2 Design_outline and cutout layers.
3. Core - Removed trigger message with pcbstat install.
4. Width - Added cline segment report by constraint property.
10-24-2017 409
1. Split - Removed Split all button.
2. Teardrop - Combined ignore buttons in gui and removed T option button.
3. ShapeModify - Added "same/new" layer and copy objects option.
4. Diffpair - Resize/Respace now supports up to 4 decimal accuracy.
10-23-2017 408
1. Core - Change to the setup screen for site installs, etc.
10-20-2017 407
1. Core - Removed: axlSetVariable("no_preselect_allegro" t)  Cadence Case 46209028, "17.2 option
tab issue.." The CCR number is 1825397, and the severity is S1.  Waiting on fix to persistent
Application mode/ministatus flash issue.  Click in console window before dal command is the current
2. PcbStat - Fixed some install and initialization issues.
10-16-2017 406
1. Text - Outlines of certain symbol graphics on non standard layers were displayed for incorrect
refdes position checks.
2. Zcopy - Added "NAMEFORM" in the find filter to select by property.
3. PcbStat - Initial release.
09-27-2017 405
1. Core - Issue fixed with uncommitted database transactions.  For example, after moving an object
with the standard move command and invoking a daltools command, the object would move back to
the last location.  This has been fixed.
09-22-2017 404
1. Drc - 3D clearance checker now supports anti pads on negative layers.
2. PCBStat - MGR+ Licensing and observation recording mechanisms complete.
3. Split - Underlying hidden associated dimension group now removed.  No longer reappears after
moving associated object.
4. Mirror - Now can mirror/unmirror vias in the same location by select or all.
09-20-2017 403
1. Library - Change to the Rev only check.
09-19-2017 401
1. Text - Move text button reporting E- *Error* axlDBCreateText: argument #1 should be a string (type
template = "tlggg") - nil
09-19-2017 400
1. Coax - Change the prop value so clines that change are drc'd correctly.
2. Danglingline - Fix for Cadence report.
3. Core - Change to dal for 16.6 back to "general mode" for ipick issue.
4. Core - Set default general mode to none to fix the disappearing option tab issue in 17.2.
09-01-2017 399
1. CeHdl - License fix.
2. Browse - Added enhancements.
3. Text - Added pin number rotate and Ignore fixed for refdes import.
08-29-2017 398
1. Xtalk - Fixed an issue when an xnet only had one member.
2. GndReturn - Added Highlight button.
3. Out - Fixed report form issue and PDF plot form hanging issue.
4. Place - Template repeat feature added.
08-02-2017 395
1. Browse - Export/Import now works with symbols and pins.  The GUI stays open when other
interactive commands are started now.
07-25-2017 394
1. Images - Fixed a form blocking issue.
2. Layer - Non-etch was always switching to etch.
3. Plot - Form was blocking.
07-23-2017 393
1. Out - Import copy/zip now has 60 max entries.
2. Via2Excel - Fixed an issue with < > in net names.
3. Delay - Added an option to turn off the pin delay colors when the pin delays are longer than the
memeber traces obscuring the color display.
4. Danglingline - Added several new options under highlight cline segments.
5. Delay - Now supports multiple match groups on a net.
6. Core - 17.2 S023 form issue where the ministatus would not stay has been fixed.
06-29-2017 392
1. Netshort - Corrected a problem with run mode 2.
2. Layer - Fixed an issue when conductors and plane enable were both off.
3. ShapeCheck - Fixed an issue that was causing: E- *Error* parseString: argument #1 should be
either a string or a symbol (type template = "SS") - dbid:487489776 on negative layers.
06-28-2017 391
1. Coax - Allow Drcs was not always functioning properly.
2. Adiout - Artwork_in was failing with >25 film layers.
3. Layer - No longer turns off all layers when started with etch tab and no etch layers are on.
4. ShapeSplit - Removed a console message and clear select set on highlight kaleidoscope.
06-18-2017 390
1. Teardrop - Added 2 more rounded corners in the radius option where the shape meets the cline.
2. 17.2 date check for ISR s022.  Fixes the mouse wheel zoom while in a dalTools command and xy
zoom to xy location in text windows.
06-15-2017 389
1. Hole - Added purge padstack button.
2. Place - Added multi-page highlight under Other... button.
3. Zcopy - Added new classes for 17.2.
4. Area - Added DTS_AREA_IGNORE feature.
06-09-2017 388
1. Hole - Fixed a form size issue when layer count was very high.
06-08-2017 387
1. Hole - Added "Reset" button and fixed a form issue related to unused stacked hole layers.
2. Measure - Added more info about the hole type to the hole to hole measurement report.
3. Teardrop - Added Radius edges feature.
05-31-2017 386
1. Core - Added 17.2 exception for all tools that use axlUIWTimerAdd() function.
2. Measure - Corrected a round off error between holes when accuracy was 4.
3. Teardrop - Fixed an issue that was failing in 17.2
05-25-2017 385
1. Move - Fixed an issue with center between two objects.
2. Danglingline - Now ignores thieving vias.
3. Layer - Fixed an issue where the main view restore was not working.
4. Miter - Changed name and combined into one command called Miter for the legacy Chamfer,
Radius and Unmiter commands - This also fixes a Linux menu hang issue.
05-18-2017 384
1. Place - Move the "Unique list of unplaced package symbols:" list to the top of the report.
2. Core - Corrected a problem with the 17.2 release date compare function.
3. Text - Import refdes locations now supports display top/bottom.
4. Hole - Fixed an issue where check did not work when values were changed in the gui until form
was closed and reopened.
05-05-2017 383
1. ShapeSplit - Added ignore fixed option.
2. Corrected an issue with the fullVersion output in 17.2.
04-28-2017 382
1. Library - Now compares DFA_DEV_CLASS property.
2. HDL - Fixed an issue with negative logic/bubble pins with sch WC* syntax vs chips.prt name of -WC.
04-27-2017 381
1. Core - Removed the site option to eliminate env conflicts and interferences.
2. Ipick - Changed alias names to require the shift key to avoid env interference with the standard
arrow keys screen pan feature.
3. Core - 17.2 ISR date check for Cadence form issues.
04-23-2017 380
1. Core - Fixed a problem with CEHDL license check when on a server network.
2. Area - The bottom area calculation was incorrect.
3. Align - New command. (beta version)
04-19-2017 379
1. Compare - Now works with .mcm and .sip package databases.
04-14-2017 378
1. Cut - Change the temp layer from manufacturing class to the board geometry class to resolve an
issue with design partitioning restrictions.
2. Testpoint - Min testpoint size drc now ignores bead type non circular errors.
3. Vertex - Now removes the side of the last click instead of the shortest side.  Also move temp layer
from manufacturing class to the board geometry class for design team limitation.
4. Core - Now handles $localenv / $home paths with spaces.
04-05-2017 377
1. Library - Zero length lines are now ignored in .dra symbols.
2. Place - Eliminated the need for the final mouse click in "Replace by page template".
3. Place - Added window position option to the option tab.  Inner,Outer and Canvas modes.
4. Text - Added Enter string text to shape option.
5. Area - New command under the tools menu that calculated place bound areas on the top and
03-28-2017 376
1. ShapeCheck - Added min void copper and air clearance check options.
2. Teardrop - TD to Fillet now works with pin/symbol that have the NO_SHAPE_CONNECT property.
03-27-2017 375
1. Teardrop - Corrected an issue when multi-connect missing teardrops were not reported/DRC.
2. Hole - Changed the DRC marker to PTH instead of NPTH for easier identification.
3. Change - Fixed in APD/Sip W- *WARNING* (axlCNSGetDefaultMinLineWidth): No match for
subclass name - "top"
03-14-2017 374
1. DRC - Added multi-select to the High V selection list.
2. ShapeSplit - Corrected a problem with anti-etch voids.
3. Out - Drill chart auto update option added along with several other new check options.
02-28-2017 373
1. Layer - Corrected an issue when all etch layers were deselected it would not clear the display.
2. Stackup - Fixed an issue where the layers were not swapping properly.
02-15-2017 372
1. shapeModify - Added layer selection when voiding pins.
2. padstack - Added several more options for automated padstack creation.
02-10-2017 371
1. Net - Fixed an issue where if the "logic_edit_enabled" env was not set it would hang the editor.
2. Padstack - New command under the the Library menu to automatically create rounded and
chamfered corners in padstacks.
12-09-2016 370
1. HDL - Corrected a 17.2 HDL menu installation issue.
12-08-2016 369
1. Install - Support for 17.2 installs that do not have the path variables carried over from 16.6
installs.  Note: 17.2 fresh install does NOT set the OS level paths.
12-05-2016 368
1. GndReturn - Fixed decimal and unit box for Minimum distance to GND.
2. Chamfer/Radius - Added shapes, clines and lines to the find filter so entire objects may be
chamfered or filleted.
3. Library - Corrected a problem when spaces were in the $psmpath and $padpath.
4. Layer - Added probe, no_probe and no_gloss to layer list.
5. Coax - Corrected an issue when vias were kept that caused drcs when the "Allow drcs" button was
10-17-2016 367
1. Out - Update to artwork and ncdrill to fix some output directory issues.
2.Compare - Fixed a problem where the film records mis-matched due to a long name length.
3. Teardrop - Various enhancements and bug fixes.
10-07-2016 366
1. Teardrop - Various fixes and enhancements.  Added DRC walk. Corrected problem with cline tee
when arc gradient enabled.
2. DRC - Changed filter to show selected drc items.
3. Compare - Gui stays open now for other interactive commands.  Added "Auto display" feature.  
Aded "Stop" button in the lower right corner of the screen.
4. Change - Corrected a problem where text was not moved to the new location.
5. dalCeHdl tools initial release.  Includes only align and pinwire.
09-13-2016 365
1. HDL - All HDL tools updated to work with 17.2 database file structure changes.
2, dal - Core change to handle cases where anti-virus software prevents writing the license
verification file in the temp directory location.
08-31-2016 364
1. Origin - Corrected a condition when using "Center of max objects" caused a hang.
2. Figure - Added a note when the "Create shape" button is enabled that text will not be inserted
because it would be obscured by the shape.
3. Mirror - Corrected an issue where symbols were mirrored by the xy location instead of the symbol
08-11-2016 363
1. Teardrop - Corrected a problem where the red light busy button was on after adding all testpoints.
2. Move - Added dynamic DRC feature button.
3. Various updates for compatibility with 17.2.
07-14-2016 362
1. Stackup - Added feature to enable swapping of constraint layer values.
07-03-2016 361
1. Diffpair - New feature to resize and respace diff pairs even when they have arcs.
2. Danglingline - Various non-arc finder improvements.  DRC mode and does not flag now when
violation is under a pad.
3. Teardrop - Various updates.
06-17-2016 360
1. Teardrop - Corrected several issues.
2. Danglingline - non arcs under pads and shapes are no longer reported.
3. Library - Corrected a linux related issue preventing symbol compare, modify, refresh and reporting.
06-14-2016 359
1. PinChange - Corrected a problem with the new To: pad was not already loaded in the database.
2. PinChange - Added automated solderpaste change feature.
3. Out - Corrected a problem with the ncdrill directory location.
05-13-2016 358
1. Origin - Fixed issue that required user to select done twice to exit.
2. HdlSeedproof - Now runs from custom menus.
3. Out - Missing art_param error when ads_sdart is was used has been fixed.
4. Layer - Local view delete was leaving the name behind.
05-04-2016 357
1. Backdrill - Increased gui box accuracy to the database units.
2. Backdrill - S069 from Cadence had a shape parent error condition that is now fixed.
3. Backdrill - Corrected a problem with the pad oversize on outer layers affecting the route keepout
dia.  This was actually a bug in the way the numerical values were stored in the form.
4. Via2Excel - Released.
04-14-2016 356
1. Testpoint - Functional testpoint type section update.
04-13-2016 355
1. Teardrop - Various updates.
2. Shapenet - Fixed Region issue and enhanced to change multiple shape net names at one time.
3. GndRing - Units now match database accuracy.  Via structures "Allow drcs" feature fixed.
4. Stackup - Corrected a problem with net names having net_short properties not retaining the
original netname when moved.
03-21-2016 354
1. Library - Added verbose option to compare report.
2. Layer - Corrected a problem when the / char was in the subclass name.
3. DanglingLine - Several enhancements and GUI update.
03-15-2016 353
1. ShapeModify - Properties are now maintained for 'or and 'and operations.
2. Teardrop - Major updates.
3. dalHdlGetConnects - Fixed a problem with negative nets. Ex -VSS vs. VSS* in chips.prt file.
4. HdlSearchReplace - Added option for _netrename vs. sig_name prop change.
5. Browse - Various enhancement and fixes.  Multiselect and re-highlight enabled.
6. Search - Bug fixes and enhancements.
7. Change - Added line width change feature.
8. Library - Corrected a print releated error when comparing certain mech symbols.
9. Net - Resolved an issue that was causing a hang.
02-12-2016 352
1. HdlSearchReplace - Shortened the grid list for Linux overlap issue.
2. Stackup - Added constraint areas, Ignore fixed and Maintain via nets options.
3. Library - Added feature to write a single .dra, .psm, .pad, etc to disk.
4. Offset - Arc to arc intersection issue fixed.
5. Chamfer/Radius - Now completely supports arcs.
6. Netshort - Corrected a problem with reading the netshort property syntax.  Updated the gui with
new Run mode 2 button based on customer input.
7. Layer - Added Plan to the list of etch layers.
01-25-2016 351
1. Origin - The "Center of max bounding object" option was not working.  Fixed.
2. Spiral - Now works in APD and SiP editors.
3. Out - Added Allegro command line batch option.
4. Teardrop - Added Cadence type fillet buttons back into the GUI.
01-15-2016 350
1. HDL Search and Replace - Fixed a problem where the rename net function removed the net
constraint properties.
2. Core - Corrected a problem with the dalTools menu in Cadence beta version.  Still have the read
only problem though.
01-07-2016 349
1. Hole - Increased field size for stacked layer listing.  Add web demo on how to use the tool.
2. Out - Added zip cmd pause debug option checkbox to copyZip GUI.
01-01-2016 348
1. The dalTools HDL suite of tools now work in Linux.  See video demo  here:
12-29-2015 347
1. DRC - Corrected a problem with the 3D checker HL HighV button.  Added HL color button.  Various
other enhancements and bug fixes.
2. Added images back in the menu under "View".
12-17-2015 346
1. Chamfer/Radius - Does not allow arc selections now.
2. Browse - Fixed an issue where the GUI did not close when another command was started.
3. Text - Added "Rotate any text" feature.
4. GndRing - Corrected the unfilled shape issue when the ring was put on the outside.
5. Measure - Now displays the angle between line segments.
6. Measure - Now works for hole to hole and hole to other objects.
7. Hole - Added a measure button link to dal measure for easy hole to hole interactive measurements.
12-05-2015 345
1. Out - When the activate viewer option was selected.  The viewer was not opening.  This has been
2. Measure - Pin vertex for Pin layers now works correctly.
3. ShapeModify - Fixed resize property retainer and void error message.
4. Out - Added Create dir feature to the Copy/Zip section.
5. Origin - Point selection now snaps to the nearest grid point.
6. Layer - Corrected a problem that could cause the GUI not to open.
7. Chamfer - New command.  See documentation for details.
8. Radius - New command.  See documentation for details.
9. Unmiter - New command.  Seed documentation for details.
11-09-2015 344
1. Stackup - Reduced the size of the confirmation window.  On laptops the Proceed? button was
getting obscured in some cases.
11-05-2015 343
1. Teardrop - Fixed a problem where the teardrop extended past the end of a pad.
11-05-2015 342
1. Out - Fixed .html/.txt report contents and enhanced PDF error messages.
2. Stretch - Corrected a problem associated with line font params with <16.6 databases.
3. Changed to allow 17.2 release to run.
11-02-2015 341
1. Teardrop - Shapes less than the minimum shape suppression are not inserted.
2. GndReturn - Gnd pins are now included in addition to vias.
10-30-2015 340
1. Highlight - Added to P+ license tier.
10-29-2015 339
1. Netshort - This command no longer requires a license like cut, stretch and sprial.
10-27-2015 338
1. Move - Added RatTs to the find filter.
2. Plot - Added import command line feature.  See help. Ex dal plot import "filename"
3. Netshort - Added various new features.
4. ShapeCheck - Corrected issues related to the void clearance check function.
10-19-2015 337
1. Setup - The dalTools menu on install was not triggered until Allegro was re-started.
2. Library - Added the library command to the P+ suite.  Added optional auto update after compare.
3. Adiout - Corrected a problem with ODB++ out.
4. NetShort - Added new functions.
5. Library - Added refresh padstack/symbol by text file .lst.
6. Taper - Update to fix a corner case database crash issue.
7. Figure - Added create shape, filled and dynamic shape option.
8. ShapeModify - Void was not deselecting the original object.
9. Teardrop - Corrected several issues.
09-30-2015 336
1. DRC - Corrected a problem with the anti etch (moat) to drill check when slots were in the database.
2. Layer - Added HL color and DHL all buttons at the top of the GUI.
3. Compare - Added a button to show the number of manufacturing layers used.  
4. Highlight - Added electrical, physical and spacing constraint sets to the list.
5. Out - Added ODB out confirmation message to update valor software if < version 9.4.  Also fixed
the delete extracted files function.
6. Text - Extended custom variable field and made the gui size adjustable.
7. Spiral - New command.
8. Taper - Various fixes and updates.
9. Adiout - Now deletes the ODB extracted files on versions 9.4 and above.
09-23-2015 335
1. Delay - Changed (ps) to (ns) in the detailed summary report.
2. HDL - Fixed a problem that was causing the Allegro editor not to sync with HDL.
09-04-2015 334
1. Coax - Corrected a problem with the arc and line setting getting inverted.
2. Stretch - Dynamic shape props are now retained after shapes are stretched.
3. Cut - Dynamic shape parameters are now retained along with region properties.
4. Taper - Various updates and enhancements. (Teardrop updates to follow soon)
08-23-2014 333
1. Text - Corrected a problem with text block counts.
2. ShapeCheck - Corrected problems with drcs when running multiple layers.  Now checks same void
to same void clearances.
08-13-2015 332
1. ShapeModify - Fixed a problem that was causing ShapeCheck to open instead.
2. ShapeCheck - Fixed a problem that was causing ShapeModify to open instead.
08-13-2015 331
1. Zcopy - Added delete original check button.
2. Copy - Corrected a problem with a Cadence bug with axlSnapToObject / "Logic Object Connect
Point" now working.
3. Move - Corrected a problem with a Cadence bug with axlSnapToObject / "Logic Object Connect
Point" now working.
4. Net - Added net name by text select button.
5. Line - Corrected a problem with a Cadence bug with axlSnapToObject / "Logic Object Connect
Point" now working.
6. GndReturn - New command to check for minimum high speed return paths.  See products page for
PDF documentation and video demo.
08-11-2015 330
1. Stackup - Problem when the "noconfirm" variable was set.  Added unset "noconfirm" to dal core
command to prevent this issue in the future.
2. Delay - Corrected a problem that was causing the command not to start.
08-09-2015 329
1. Hole - Fixed a problem with the precision display for the field values.
2. Highlight - Added new button: Dehighlight before new highlight.
3. Adiout - Corrected a problem where ODB++ was failing due to capital characters in the $module
name.  The command line input does not support capital letters so we added lowerCase().
4. Delay - There was a failure when the $localenv/dts_site directory did not exist.
5. Out - Updated the ODB++ out feature to handle newer ODB++ out ver 9.4 and above.
6. Plot - Changed the code to crop the PDF prints with Ghostscript.  Adobe Acrobat is not longer
needed or suggested.  Ghostscript is now the default postscript distiller.  
08-04-2015 328
1. Taper - Added new "Missing" taper button with highlight, drc and flash features.
08-03-2015 327
1. Delay - Corrected a problem with xnets.
2. Text - Silkscreen line segments were not dehighlighting.
3. Split - Added several new features and updated the documentation.
4. Cut - Added delete all outside of box feature.  Also added "Ignore fixed" checkbutton.
5. Taper - New command.
07-13-2015 326
1. Plot - Enhanced error messages when CutePDF Writer is selected for the printer and the env is
not setup correctly.
2. ViaChange - Corrected a problem where vias attached to fixed symbols were not changing even
when the IGNORE Fixed button was checked.
3. ShapeCheck - Removed the max value restriction in the gap field.
4. ShapeCheck - Added Acid trap and min void area checks.
07-04-2015 325
1. ShapeModify - Enhanced the void object feature to now void multiple shapes at one time.
2. Stretch - Now supports line fonts.
3. Highlight - Added rat/unrat by highlighted object.  Added shadow button.
4. ShapeModify - Moved the OOD functions to new command ShapeCheck.
5. ShapeCheck - New command for checking various shape parameters and void spacings.
06-29-2015 324
1. Adiout - Corrected a problem with the -l option for the nctape command line.
2. Backdrill - Added "Enable pad change template" feature.  Drill symbols and tolerances of vias/pins
can be customized through the use of a control file.
06-22-2015 323
1. Zcopy - Added "Highligted only" filter to the selection set option.
2. Backdrill - Route keepouts are now not added on negative layers when padstacks are changed.
3. DRC - Added 3D clearance multi selection list for netclass 2 in order to simplify setup for multiple
4. Grid - Corrected a problem with the precision of the grid values.  Added the database units display
in the GUI.
06-16-2015 322
1. Browse - Corrected a problem where the pins were not highlighting properly.
2. ViaChange - Change highlighted vias now works with highlighted nets and vias that are highlighted
05-18-2015 321
1. ShapeModify - Added out of date report and zoom/highlight/walker.
2. ShapeModify - Added object reject button in void mode.
3. Delay - Added member qty to highlight report.
4. Teardrop - Added missing teardrop report and zoom/highlight/walker.
04-24-2015 320
1. Text - Added support for odd angle text rotation highlighting.
2. Browse - Renamed Netcheck to Browse and added new symbol/pin browsing functionality.
3. Teardrop - Beta release #1 of new teardrop command.
4. Dxf - Corrected a problem where all the layers were imported on a single layer.
04-16-2015 319
1. Backdrill - Changed pad name convention adding a _ between the top and bottom layers.
2. Text - Added highlight symbol by rotation feature.
3. Cut - Corrected a problem where the line lock was causing subsequent add connect to change to
04-14-2015 318
1. ShapeModify - Corrected a problem with void concerning parent dbid.
2. Move - Corrected an issue with object selection when centering between two objects.
3. ViaChange - Corrected an issue when a via would not change netnames due to clines there were
connected that did not have the same netname.
4. Backdrill - Corrected a problem where the "Obtain backdrill size from template" button would not
un-check.  Also corrected a problem with the status "successOverride" status not creating the
padstack correctly.
03-27-2015 317
1. ShapeModify - Added XOR shape operation option.  Corrected a problem where shapes were
dis-associated from the parent symbol.
2. Change - Corrected a problem with unfilled shapes on certain class layers.
3. Merge - Fixed several bugs related to intersections and made performance improvements.
4. Layer - Added ROOM layer support.
5. Library - Corrected issues caused when there were spaces in the .brd path.
03-27-2015 316
1. Text - Added new feature under the change tab.  Center pin number text.
2. Width - Corrected a maintenance date issue with the license mechanism.
03-25-2015 315
1. Danglingline - Added batch report function.  See help for syntax information.
2. Mirror - Corrected a date code error for maintenance.
3. Backdrill - Corrected a floating point issue mis-match in the drill template file.
03-16-2015 314
1. Backdrill - Update to the PDF documentation and video demos.
03-14-2015 313
1. ShapeModify - Added "Dynamic shape instance parameter" feature.  Updated documentation.
03-12-2015 312
1. Backdrill - Various updates and GUI change.
03-11-2015 311
1. Library - Corrected a problem where the compare function was ignoring the package geometry
03-09-2015 310
1. Stackup - Shape priority levels are now maintained.
2. Shape - Added shape and void resize feature.
3. Zcopy - Added "Regular", "Anti", "Thermal" and "Drill" pad type options.  The pin/via layer may also
be specified now in the form.
4. Viachange - Corrected a problem where via would not change netname.  Also improved the
selection process by adding a "Next" right mouse popup button.
5. Layer, Backdrill, Delay, Diffpair,Dxf2mcm,Highlight,Refdesrename - Updated so that the forms
close when opening another design.
6. Shape - Changed name to shapeModify for clarity.
7. Added license maintenance date verify routine.
8. Backdrill - Major updates and enhancements including pad change support.
02-23-2015 309
1. Line - Changed name to Line/Shape.  Now has the ability to add shapes in addition to lines.
2. Hole - Corrected a problem with NPTH to NPTH checks.
02-23-2015 308
1. DXF - New command that converts most .dxf files that Cadences' File->Import->DXF will not.  This
command was added in the File menu.
2. Dxf2mcm - Added a button link to the gui for the new "dal dxf" command.
02-16-2015 307
1. Out - Corrected a problem with the import settings feature.
02-15-2015 306
1. Layer - Non-Etch Conductor subclass are now sorted correctly.
2. Stackup - Added Symbol, Anti Etch and Route Keepout check button options.
3. Out - Activated the import/export feature in the main and copy/zip section.
4. Hole - Update to increase analysis speed.
02-10-2015 305
1. Change - Corrected a problem when changing clines.  The error was: Illegal parent identifier.
2. Change - Added "Ignore fixed" checkbox in the GUI.
3. Release new command: dal hole  Comprehensive hole to hole checker.
4. Search - New command added under the Help menu button.  Allows the user to search/run
dalTools commands by keyword and quickly search/find by text search in the menu file.
5. Place - Corrected a condition where the DxDesigner intelligent PDF file xy pattern was not rotated
correctly.  Also corrected a problem with this type of refdes not getting read; C4X2.
6. Core - Added support in the licensing mechanism for P+products.
7. Stackup - New command that allows easy layer order movement in the stackup.
8. Change - Corrected a problem when changing dynamic shapes to other layers.  Before it was not
maintaining dynamic shape attributes.
01-06-2015 303
1. Hole - Beta release of the hole to hole clearance checker.
12-25-2014 302
1. Mirror - Added support for groups.
2. Change - Added "Allow symbol edits" button.
12-08-2014 301
1. Core - Added maintenance expiration authorization checks versus the currently installed version
2. Layer - Added support for APD/SIP Diestack and wirebond profile layers.
3. Shape - Added documentation for the copy void feature in the PDF file.
4. Shape - Corrected a problem copying voids from shapes to another dynamic shape.
11-19-2014 299
1. Hdl - Corrected a problem with the script.  The last entry was not set to be the localenv
path and cause the editor to hang.
2. Core - Allow dalTools to run in Allegro 17.0.
11-17-2014 298
1. Backdrill - Corrected an issue when the backdrill toLayer was 2 or n-1 which caused an error
2. Core - Corrected a problem with windows 8 and the command for license validation.
11-11-2014 297
1. Library - Corrected a problem with APD layer class mapping names between symbols and the
.mcm database.
2. Layer - Added the capability to add extra layers such a registration,ect to each film record entry
when using the "Create film records" utility.
3. ShapePriority - Added a "Lower" priority button.
4. Text - Added "Attach text to symbol" and "Detach text to symbol" features under the change tab.
5. Core - Added env variable support to disable the company specific menu.  See setup.pdf for more
information.  The env variable is: dts_no_menu_custom and may be set in the env or allegro.ilinit file.
11-06-2014 296
1. Place - Corrected a problem with Capture .xrf files that have a very long schematic name in the
report that was causing the editor to crash.
2. Core - Added Korean language support for the license mechanism.
3. Text - Fixed a problem where false drcs were reported for text inside of circles in certain cases.
10-29-2014 295
1. Coax - Fixed a problem with the "Allow drcs" feature.
10-15-2014 294
1. Compare - Corrected a problem that occured when the "/" was in the sublass film record name.
2. Compare - Corrected a problem that occured when the film record name was very long.
3. Compare - Corrected a problem where lines that were identical except for the width were not
flagged as differences.
4. Compare - Added check button option to ignore line width differences.
5. Coax - Added separate signal to via spacing setting.  Various improvements in GUI text labels.
6. Detail- Corrected a problem with the nc drill legend layers returning a readstring error.
7. Core - Added a customized company menu feature.  See dal setup -> help or the setup.pdf for
more information.
09-05-2014 293
1. Core - Changed the default source entry location for dts.env in the allegro.ilinit setup from: source
./dts_site/dts.env to source $localenv/dts_site/dts.env  This prevented a problem in a particular install
2. dxf2mcm - Various updates to handle new case types.
3. Text - drc check fixes.
2. Place - Corrected a problem with Cref reading multi-sectional parts in Capture data files incorrectly.
08-21-2014 291
1. Layer - Added "Toggle select" for the right side selections to make it more clear how that column
2. Text - Corrected a problem in the DRC section where vias and pads were not getting a DRC
08-14-2014 290
1. Core - Corrected a problem in dalStart() that would load the allegro menu unnecessarily and
cause a crash in certain situations.
07-22-2014 289
1. Copy - Corrected a problem with center between objects.
2. Move - Corrected a problem with center between objects.
3. ViaIntersect - Corrected a warning message when the dts_site directory did not exist.
4. Core - Multiple admin users can now be listed separated by spaces.  
07-15-2014 288
1. core - Added the option to override the check for Cadence versions.  set dts_ignore_cds_version.  
This is in the case where a customer cannot update to the latest Cadence revision.
07-13-2014 287
1. backdrill - Corrected a problem with the assign property selecting invisible nets.  Also add a new
highlight feature for MIN_PIN_PTH failures.
07-08-2014 286
1. core - Corrected a problem with older XP computers not reporting the CPU serial number correctly
when used for node lock licenses.
07-07-2014 285
1. dxf2mcm - Corrected a problem when creating the mcm without the die package or bond wires.
2. seedproof - Corrected a problem with getConnects for vectored nets.
07-02-2014 284
1. Core - Corrected an install issue for APD and SIP editors when the files apd.ilinit and/or cdnsip.ilinit
files existed in the $localenv directory.  The install now asks which editor you would like to install
dalTools for.
06-26-2014 283
1. Text - Drc enhancent added for silk to net checks.
2. Out - Added export button in the copy/zip section.
3. Change - Corrected a problem when changing segments and other various fixes.
06-16-2014 282
1. HdlSection - Corrected an issue with section place.
2. HdlSeedproof - Corrected several issues.
3. Drc -Updated the 3D High voltage isolation checker PDF documentation and video.
4. Backdrill - toLayer +/- 1 adjustment feature added.  Now the dynamic shapes are temporarily
disabled to speed up the route keepout insertion for large designs.
5. Viamask - Various usability updates.
6. Copy and Move - Fixed a problem where center between 2 objects would not work with items
already selected.
7. Library - Several enhancements added and fixes in the compare tab.
06-09-2014 281
1. Layer - Added origin layer to listing.
2. Backdrill - More Beta improvements.  Close to release status now.
3. PinChange - Added "Ignore fixed" and "Backdrill only" checkboxes.
4. Library - Fixed several issues with database rounding and accuracy differences between symbols
and the .brd database.
06-04-2014 280
1. HDL updates for 16.6.
05-20-2014 279
1. RefdesRename - New utility to help with renaming reference designators in a board xy grid pattern.
05-13-2014 278
1. HdlMultiSiteCopy - Update and release PDF documentation and video demo.
04-28-2014 277
1. Cut - Corrected a problem that would hang the editor when cancel or done was typed in the
console window instead of RMB done/cancel.
2. PinChange - New command to quickly and easily change pin padstacks intelligently.
3. Backdrill - Very preliminary Alpha release in order to get customer feedback on how this command
should work.  The idea is to attach route keepout shapes to symbols around the NPTH drill plunge
areas to keep copper out of those areas.  Vias will be changed to via structures that contain attached
route keepout geometries also.  This way the keepouts will update automatically by property value
and move when a via or symbol moves.  There will be many other utilites included in this command to
aid in backdrill designs.
04-25-2014 276
1. PinChange - New command under the tools menu to change pin padstacks quickly and easily.
04-11-2014 275
1. Core - Fixed a problem with case sensitivity in login names per the license file entry.
04-08-2014 274
1. GndRing - Added support for shape via fences.
2. Core - Update to handle ","s in the DNS server suffix name(s).
03-31-2014 273
1. Plot - Corrected a problem that occurred when a null entry was in the artwork film record.
2. hdlSection - Now supports multi-section sizable parts.
3. Origin - added oops functionality.
4. dxf2mcm - Various changes.
03-15-2014 272
1. Net - Corrected a problem that could cause the command to hang.
03-14-2014 271
1. Layer - Added command line option: dal layer offbyselect.
03-10-2014 270
1. Text - Corrected an issue when multi-edit lines were blank.
2. dxf2mcm - Various modifications.
3. hdlMultiSiteCopy - Initial release.
02-25-2014 269
1. Core - Problem with GUI buttons not changing when replaying scripts containing dalTools
commands.  Add the  -scrEnable argument for dal commands inside scripts to workaround this
problem with the axlShellPost() command.  Scripts should call for example, "dal vertex -scrEnable"
first to load the skill and then the command without spaces.  Ex. dalvertex.
2. Width - Added .csv report.
02-25-2014 268
1. Layer - Fix for main view resetting the aux layers.
02-25-2014 267
1. Update to the DNS license mechanism.
02-21-2014 266
1. out - Added batch output capability and fabmaster out under the other tab.
02-20-2014 265
1. dxf2mcm update.
02-19-2014 264
1. Core - Corrected license message in console window.
02-19-2014 263
1. dxf2mcm - message updates.
2. layer - view tab updates.
3. Core - Added support for DXF suite.
02-17-2014 262
1. dxf2mcm - Corrected a problem with the scale feature for shapes.
2. Extents - Added a new option to define the extents by 2 points.
3. Measure - Now shows what database units and alternate units that are displayed.
4. Layer - Corrected a problem where predefined views were not restoring properly.
02-14-2014 261
1. Zcopy - Added Void/Cavity support.
2. Core - Added support for multiple company DNS server name entries.
02-11-2014 260
1. Out - Various updates and enhancements.
02-10-2014  258
1. Shape - Fixes for oops and cancel functions.  Shapes tied to symbols now stay attached after
2. Out - Added place_txt extraction to the other tab.
3. Prop - Fixes for oops and cancel function and better selection highlighting.
02-09-2014  257
1. Out - Added support for artwork prefix and suffix names.  Assorted other bug fixes.
02-07-2014  256
1. Layer - Added new views tab and support for wirebond profiles in APD.
2. Shape - Added void shape feature and other updates.
3. dxf2mcm - Various changes.
02-02-2014 255
1. Merge - Various fixes and improvements.
2. Core - Change for DNS server filter.
3. dxf2mcm - Various updates.
01-24-2014 254
1. Testpoint - Add/Delete testpoint now supports window and temp group selection.
2. Rectangle - New command to insert rectangles dynamically by center point.
3. Dxf2mcm - Update for different layer name .dxf syntax.
01-21-2014 253
1. Compare - Added command line option to clear temporary manufacturing layers.  Ex. dal compare
2. Copy - Now removes the following properties "IDX_OWNER" "IDX_ID" "IDX_EXCLUDE"
object for mechanical transfer interfaces.
3. Zcopy - Same as above.
4. Change - Same as above.
01-21-2014 252
1. Update to the setup documentation for HDL Company site installations.
01-14-2014 251
1. Net - Added clines to the find filter.
2. GndRing - Corrected a problem with rectangular outlines that were failing.
3. dxf2mcm - Add bonwires on profile layer.  Added delete all DXF graphics button.  Other changes.
12-19-2013 250
1. Library - Now reports "HEIGHT" properties embedded in components transferred from the PPT file.
2. Dxf2mcm - Various updates.
3. Offset - Correction for line to arc intersections.
4. Text - Option for which layers to import text changes from another board.
5. Width - Fixed an issue with the right mouse popup display.
12-16-2013 249
1. LIne and Width - Corrected a gui form display problem when the database precision was higher
than 2 for the accuracy.
2. Offset - New command to offset line paths and segments.
3. Place - Corrected a problem where parts were placed off grid.
12-06-2013 248
1. Core - Corrected a problem in 16.5 and 16.6 where the variable treeItem used in the menu data
files was causing a conflict with the Analyze/Model Assignment function.
12-01-2013 247
1. Ipick - New command to move objects by grid spacings using the keyboard arrow keys.  See
documentation on the products tab.
2. Highlight - New command to highlight objects using advanced search capabilities.
11-30-2013 246
1. Setup - New options for compliant license verification.  Company site license by network DNS
server and user login name support.
11-19-2013 245
1. Text - Several improvements for dynamic change text size.
11-18-2013 244
1. Text - Enhancement on the change tab to dynamically change the text size.
11-12-2013 243
1. Net - New command to add and edit the netlist on the fly.  Released PDF and video demo.
2. ViaChange - Fixed a problem when the assign netname was blank.  Also released video demo.
11-11-2013 242
1. ViaChange - Update to handle via structures and other enhancements.
2. Check - New microvia checking for internal laser copper blocks to destination layer.
11-02-2013 241
1. Merge - Drc checks for overlap, intersections and parallel lines added.
10-29-2013 240
1. Coax - Added draw function.
10-26-2013 239
1. Dangling line - Fix for overlapping blind/buried vias.
2. Check - Various Alpha updates.
3. Coax - Faster now when inserting through dynamic shapes.
10-17-2013 238
1. GndRing - Added Via structure and other new features/fixes.
10-14-2013 237
1. GndRing - New command.
10-14-2013 236
1. Layer - Corrected a layer control issue.
2. Vertex - Now warns when there are overlapping lines that cause create corner to fail.
10-11-2013 235
1. Line - Add dynamic circle/arc tangent snap feature and other updates.
2. Place - Add feature when 0 is entered in the highlight pages box it de-highlights all symbols.  Add
exception when schematic branding was set to an incorrect value of 'none for Capture input.
3. Layer - Enhancements for saved views, better layer option toggles, bug fixes, etc.
10-03-2013 234
1. DRC - Corrected a problem with delete xdrcs.
2. ViaCore - Released.
09-30-2013 233
1. dxf2mcm - Various updates and fixes.
09-27-2013 232
1. Layer - Fixed "Non Etch" tab selection layer toggle issue.
2. Xtalk, Delay and Diffpair now warn if feature levels are not supported in the Cadence product level.
09-21-2013 231
1. dxf2mcm - More updates and new documentation.
2. Merge - More intersection options added.
09-17-2013 228
1. dxf2mcm - Various feature adds and bug fixes.
09-17-2013 227
1. Move - Changed pin and via snap from center to origin.
2. Copy - Changed pin and via snap from center to origin.
3. Measure - Changed pin and via snap from center to origin.
4. Setup - User can no longer quit the window.  They must save or cancel.
5. dxf2mcm - Updates.
09-12-2013 226
1. ViaInsert - New command added to the custom menu.
09-11-2013 225
1. Setup - The env settings are now not changed until the save button is clicked.
09-06-2013 224
1. Setup - Added "Log stats" usage button in the "dal setup" form.
2. Prop - Added shapes and text to the list of objects that can be attached or detached to symbols.
3. NetCheck - Added highlight tab to gui.  This allows highlighting of nets by lists.
09-05-2013 223
1. dxf2mcm - Initial release.
08-24-2013 222
1. Drc - Correct etch,pin and via layers now are all displayed with drc walk.
2. Text - Added "Change to match text size" button.
08-21-2013 221
1. Drc - Corrected an issue with the annular ring check.
2. dxf2mcm - Added the Allegro Package Designer custom command.
3. Measure - Added a snap option called "Pin closest box corner" for oblong end pin, etc. snapping.
3. Copy - Can now copy cline and line segments.
4. Move - Can now move cline and line segments.
5. ViaInsert - Automatically inserts vias from a text file input.
6. Origin - New command that allows advanced object snapping of the origin location.  For example
center between objects, etc.
8-18-2013 220
1. Line - Update for APD layer name mapping.
2. Shape - Corrected an issue with the ANDNOT function.
3. Dxf - Added a destination layer selection option to the gui.
4. Danglingline - Added isolated and single shape connected via options.
5. Seedproof - Fix page filter bug.
08-02-2013 219
1. Testpoint - When probes were on the top the soldermask DRC was incorrect.
2. Delay - Corrected an error when the current directory was read only.
3. Check - Initial base release with one starter application in the Assembly tab for smt/copper check.
4. DXF - Initial beta release.
08-01-2013 218
1. Change - Corrected a problem where the voids in shapes were not changed/copied.
2. Zcopy - Changed the "offset" value input decimal places to match the database accuracy.
3. Change - Corrected a problem where text was copied to the wrong location offset.
07-23-2013 217
1. Change - Added "Copy objects" and "Same location" function buttons to the gui.
07-22-2013 216
1. Update to dal shape.  Added "or", "and" and "andnot" functions.
07-19-2013 215
1. Various gui text alignment corrections for linux character spacing differences versus windows.
07-18-2013 214
1. Text - Added an option under the edit tab to import symbol refdes text locations from another
database.  Useful for offloading silkscreen and assembly edits to another designer.
07-10-2013 213
1. Compare - New option tab added for comparing/updating a template PCB to a finished layout.  Now
supports cases where the layer names in the film records between the old and the new database may
be different.
2. Layer - Corrected an issue when an argument command was passed and the window would close
if it was already open.  Added non-etch tab for fast layer changes and other options.
3. Zcopy - Added a "Same location" button for quick copies at the same xy location.
4. Cut - Corrected console warning messages for 0 width lines in certain cases.
06-19-2013 212
1. Detail - Added an right mouse popup option to pick the relative originating scale points.
06-15-2013 211
1. Setup - Added an option to dynamically add the dalTools menu in the top  menu.
2. Help - Added a link to the dalTools web site.
3. Setup - Added license info email button for license setup and debug.
06-11-2013 210
1. HdlSearchReplace - New command for intelligent property search and replace in the HDL editor.
2. Zcopy - Corrected a problem with via and pin shape copies when more than one etch layer is on.
3. Dal - Corrected a problem when the mac address was not read correctly.  Add ipconfig /all report
to the license info report on windows for better license debugging.
06-05-2013 209
1. Merge - Corrected a problem when lines had the same slope and added a gap mode option.
05-20-2013 208
1. Coax - Added via fence feature.
2. ViaIntersect - Added ability to copy/paste the via name.
3. Menu - Fixed and issue where ctrl-z would close the window.
4. Layer -  Fixed and issue where ctrl-z would close the window.
5. Coax - Added option to draw the shield as a cline.  Updated documentation.
05-08-2013 207
1. DanglingLine - Added other button for highlighting lonely (not connected with a cline) vias.
2. Coax - Corrected a problem where the pins/vias were not expanded.  Also corrected an issue when
diff pair or mulitiple clines were selected by window. No longer beta version.
3. HdlSeedProof - Added option to run by page range.
05-01-2013 206
1. Testpoint - Added documentation PDF and video demo.
2. NetPlace - Added check button option to blank nets tied to NC symbols.
04-26-2013 205
1. LicenseInfo - New entry in the setup menu so "setup" site protected users are able to view the
2. Testpoint - New command to greatly enhance the process of adding and verifying testpoints.
3. Detail - Fixed an error condition when detailing drill figures.
4. ViaMask - Via Testpoints are now ignored for size reduction.
5. Compare - Added option to compare the displayed layers only and Select all/Deselect all buttons.
6. Place - Added better error message when the input type setting was incorrect.
7. Line - Fixed an error message when snapping to an object.
8. Text - Added option in the "Add" tab to add netname, refdes and pin number silkscreen quickly.
9. Xtalk - Minor updates and improvements made to the PDF documentation.
04-08-2013 204
1. Grid - Corrected error message.
2. Swap - Corrected a problem with swap codes not matching.
3. Compare - Corrected a problem when a padstack contained a non nil figure with height/width = 0.0
4. Layer - Form values/settings were not being saved.  Corrected.
5. Setup - Added dalTools revision to the licence info report.
6. Coax - Changed accuracy display from 2 to 4 and added an option to keep existing shapes.
02-22-2013 203
1. Coax - Corrected an issue where the shield was not inserted and other rough shape edge issue.
2. Text - Added the correct clearance to the text drc show element data.
3. Library - Corrected a problem with blankstrp failure when a flash was not a string.
02-20-2013 202
1. Cut - Corrected a problem where shapes were deleted instead of cut.
2. Setup - Corrected a problem with the server site licence name read function.
02-16-2013 201
1. HdlPinWire - Corrected run time import function issue and undo function.
2. HdlAlign - Corrected run time import function issue.
3. Setup - Added option for using either Allegro Free Viewer Plus or the Allegro drawing editor
interface for the HDL Gui.
4. Place - Corrected an issue in xy pattern placement where a hang occured if another command was
entered in the console window twice while waiting on input after placing parts down.
5. Setup - Added site licensing functionality.
6. Place - Slight adjustment to the re-place gui positions.
02-06-2013 200
1. Plot - Added import/export for the group/layer settings.   This allows the batch layer settings to
easily be moved between different designs.
2. Zcopy - Disabled dynamic shape conversion in .dra's that caused a crash.  Dra's don't allow dyn
3. Cut - Now supports symbol and text cut/copy.
4. Split - Disallowed the split of 16.5 DATUM_REFERENCE dimensions.
5. Move - Fixed a problem with center between two objects selected a snap point on the selected obj
6. Copy - Same as issue # 5 shown above.
01-23-2013 199
1. Setup - Corrected an issue with the log data.
01-21-2013 197
1. License - Add OS Type to the license data.  Now checks the OS env vs. the license file.  Window
vs Linux.
2. Setup - Added optional command logging feature.  See setup for how to enable.
3. Delay - Added "Export to csv" button in the graph window.
01-15-2013 196
1. Text - Increased custom variable text length for long text lines.
2. Extents - Added command line batch capability per customer request.
3. Core - Fixed a license issue where wired networks syntax failed.
4. Text - Added an option to disable real time text move drcs.  In some cases it runs slow.  Need to
investigate the issue further and correct later.
01-06-2013 195
1. HdlSection - Updated with "status all" button and refdes browser.  More robust body selector.
2. Text - Included option for top and bottom etch text in silkscreen layer checks.
3. Updated setup help instructions for pre-existing custom menu installations.
01-02-2013 194
1. Compare - Spaces are now allowed in the file path.
2. Out - Spaces are now allowed in the path for idf output.
3. Line - Fixed a form bug that was causing a failure.
4. Coax - Fixed a major bug.  Still beta version with more features coming.
01-01-2013 193
1. ShapeSplit - Corrected a problem when the route keepin/all layer does not exist.
2. ShapeSplit - Corrected a problem with the anti-etch corners coming out as square.
3. ShapeSplit - Created the pdf and video documentation.
12-31-2012 192
1. ViaMask - Added setting button, "Cover vias under place_bound/dfa areas".
2. Out - Corrected cdszip path.
3. Extents - New command to automatically reduce the graphic size of .dra and .brds.
4. Drc - Added annular ring check for negative layer anti-etch issues.
12-03-2012 191
1. Place - Updates for better oops and dynamic move management.
2. Library - Changed log files to default text editor.  Added command line argument input.
3. Compare - Better error reporting.  Hooks for accuracy and database offset.
4. Fixed form names when recording scripts.
5. ShapeSplit - New command to make creating split planes faster and easier.
11-26-2012 190
1. ShapePriority - New command to quickly set and display dynamic shape priorities.
11-25-2012 189
1. Compare - Now shows number of changes in the artwork list display.
2. Compare - Fixed linux Symbol change report open error.
3. Swap - Added new feature to swap two objects xy locations.
11-21-2012 188
1. Menu - Renamed Analyze menu to Checking.  Organized menu better by moving some items.
2. Coax - More updates.
11-19-2012 187
1. Coax - Moved menu item from the tools menu to the routing menu.
2. Place - Fixed some bugs in the place by xy pattern section.  Improved highlighting and selection
3. Coax - Fixed bug when side shield being added when side checkbutton was off.
4. Coax - Added add shield on route keep out layer check box.
11-18-2012 186
1. hdl - Update for 16.2 compatibility.
2. images - Added feature to save/restore by file name and directory viewer.
3. Fixed multi-run MPS timeout errors in hdlGrid and hdlNetplace.
11-08-2012 185
1. hdlGrid - New command for HDL that finds and puts bodies on grid.
11-04-2012 184
1. Width - Added popup feature to change all clines on the active layer or all etch layers.
11-03-2012 183
1. Plot - Changed to not error when skill returns "path" list nil.
2. Mirror - Added pins to the find filter in the drawing editor.
3. Menu - Added the pdf and video link to the help window.  Updated the help pdf.
11-01-2012 182
1. "Images" command gui change and update.
10-29-2012 181
1. Update share directory for 16.6 menus with dalTools added.
2. Added File->Filemanager functionality to Linux install.
3. Fixed error message in compare when nothing was selected for the file name.
3. Fixed a bug in place when entering page number highlight input.
10-29-2012 180
1. Corrected setup.pdf and the text displayed in the setup admin permission pop up gui.
10-29-2012 179
1. Added manual company site setup instructions to setup.pdf in the setup directory and support web
page.  Also how to add admin controls and protection over customized company site settings.
2. Linux license info now reports info from the license.dat instead of the license.txt.
10-27-2012 178
1. Corrected a problem with dal detail for class and sublass display.  Also fixed a pin layer copy bug.
2. Added real time drc feedback functionality to dal text -> move.
10-24-2012 177
1. Corrected a problem with the free_viewer starting in hdl commands.
10-23-2012 176
1. Added the initial menu pop up feature to the free_viewer_plus mode for seedproof and netplace.
2. Updated the seedproof help pdf to instruct on how to configure the project manager for the free
viewer MPS enabled service.