DEBA -  Pronunciation: "deeba"

We are a group of
people that have
discovered the great
fun of riding electric
bikes.  Some of us
have been riding for
years and some of us
are new.  We would
like to share our
resources and
experience with others.

Dal Locke -
White Rock Lake
Tom Cook  -
Electric bikes are very fun and good for the environment.
Electric transportation is the future and is becoming more popular every
Email us from the Contact Us page if you have any questions, need
more information or would like to join us on a ride.
This is a great way to make new friends, see nature and enjoy the city.
Electric bikes are like riding down hill all the time on a regular bike or
having a constant strong wind at your back.
Electric bikes are the least expensive form of motorized transport
Electric bikes do not require gas, oil,  license, registration or insurance.
It really does cost only pennies to charge a bike for a full days use.
Many times its faster to get somewhere on a bike than a car.
Big improvements in battery technology have happened.  It is now
possible to ride 50 to 100 miles without pedalling on a single charge.
Some people compare the feeling and freedom when riding electric
bikes to flying or sailing.
People always stop, look and ask questions about our bikes.
The next scheduled ride is at White Rock Lake or the Katy Trail.  Date: TBD?
We are currently a small group but would like to grow the club.  Please spread the word!
DEBA - Dallas Electric Bike Association
About electric bikes:
Join our group electric bike rides on Dallas area bike trails